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Depression is a debilitating mood disorder that affects millions of people. According to the World Health Organization, it’s estimated that 5% of adults around the world suffer from depression. Depression is an invisible illness, and many people oftentimes suffer in silence, which can significantly interfere with your health, happiness, and overall quality of life.

However, you don’t have to suffer alone– help is available. Various therapies are used in depression treatment to help patients better manage their depression symptoms so they can live healthier lives. In this post, you’ll learn more about what therapies are used in depression treatment and more on what you can expect at a depression therapy program so you can better find out which treatment options may be right for you.

CTRLCare offers premier behavioral healthcare to teens and young adults struggling with mental health and problematic technology use issues. Using a range of treatment options, we help treat various mental health conditions so you can build a healthier, more balanced life. Contact us today to learn more about our mental health treatment center in Princeton, New Jersey.

5 Common Therapies Used In Depression Treatment

Interested in learning more about what therapies are used in depressional treatment? From accepting and changing negative thoughts and behaviors that contribute to your depression to identifying unresolved conflict in your past, below are five common therapies for depression that can help better manage your depressive symptoms.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most common and highly effective depression treatments, which involves changing both specific negative thought patterns and behaviors that may be contributing to your depression symptoms.

This form of depression treatment teaches you how to recognize these negative thought patterns so you can then behave accordingly and not allow them to essentially trigger your depressive symptoms. Once your negative thought patterns are identified, this can be extremely helpful in defining and recognizing them when they occur.

Behavioral Therapy or Behavioral Activation

Rather than focusing on controlling your thoughts found in CBT, behavioral therapy looks to change specific behaviors that may be causing negative emotions. Therefore, behavioral therapy involves doing certain activities meant to reduce certain negative emotions while increasing your mental health and well-being.

For example, if you are fearful of going out in public, this could mean making small steps to make you feel more comfortable and confident in public settings.

Interpersonal Therapy

Interpersonal therapy looks to improve interpersonal relationships that may be contributing to your depressive symptoms. For example, you may have interpersonal conflicts that are fueling your depression symptoms. This treatment works to relieve these symptoms, address problems you may have in current relationships, and learn healthy ways to build strong, healthy connections and relationships with others.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

This treatment branches out of CBT and involves the patient both acknowledging and accepting their negative thoughts, patterns, and behaviors. The goal here is to allow yourself to recognize and accept these negative thoughts and emotions, and then learn effective coping strategies to then improve your negative thoughts and emotions.

Psychodynamic Therapy

Last but not least, psychodynamic therapy works to treat depression that comes from unresolved conflict in the past, typically from one’s childhood. Oftentimes, many people who do struggle with depression brought on by unresolved conflicts in their past are completely unaware of these unconscious conflicts raging inside their minds. 

Therefore, psychodynamic therapy works to help one become more self-aware about these unresolved past conflicts and work to treat these negative thoughts and emotions that stem from these unresolved conflicts in your past.

Top-Rated Mental Health Treatment in Princeton NJ

Now you know more about what different therapies are used in depression treatment. If you are suffering from depression, you don’t have to suffer in silence. There are several different depression treatment therapy options that help better manage your disorder so you can live a healthier life. 

CTRL Care offers a range of mental health treatment options for teens and young adults. Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, social media addiction, and more, we help patients overcome and better manage their mental health disorder symptoms and problematic technology usage so they can live more balanced, fulfilling lives. Ready to transform your life for the better? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you live a healthier, more purposeful life.

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empowering mental health & digital wellness. empowering mental health & digital wellness. empowering mental health & digital wellness.

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