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Teen Drug Abuse and Its Impact

Millions of adolescents and young adults struggle with addiction, and yet many never seek professional help and support for their addiction. Addiction negatively impacts virtually all areas of a teen’s life, from negatively impacting their physical and mental health and well-being to fracturing relationships with friends and family members, to declining school performance, and more. Without a doubt, teen drug abuse can hurt various aspects of a teenager’s life for the worse. That’s why it’s important if your teen is struggling with addiction to seek professional teen addiction treatment to help them regain control over their life.

At CTRLCare, we are a premier behavioral healthcare facility in Princeton, New Jersey committed to helping teens and young adults struggling with mental illness and problematic technology use. We offer a range of treatment programs and services to ensure clients have the best possible treatment options to help them along their recovery journey. We understand that no two patients are the same. That’s why at CTRLCare we offer personalized treatment plans so patients can receive tailored support to effectively manage their mental illness. 

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5 Negative Effects of Teen Drug Abuse

Addiction can negatively impact virtually all aspects of a teen’s life for the worse. Keep reading to learn all the ways teen drug abuse and its impact can harm an adolescent’s life.

  1. Physical Health Consequences

Drug abuse can severely harm a teen’s brain development and body. From struggling with mental health issues to stunting a teen’s brain development to even struggling with a range of life-threatening symptoms, addiction can not only hurt a teen’s physical health and well-being but potentially put their life at risk. 

  1. Declining Academic Performance

Inevitably, teens that abuse drugs or alcohol are more likely to experience a decline in their academic performance. Not only will teens addicted to drugs and alcohol likely be absent from school more, but their grades will most likely suffer. This not only disrupts their education but can negatively impact their future plans, especially if they want to go to college in the future. 

  1. Mental Health Problems

Many teens who struggle with addiction also face mental health problems as a result of their substance abuse. From depression to anxiety, PTSD, and more, while addiction does not cause mental illness, it can increase one’s likelihood of developing a mental disorder. Similarly, sometimes teens abusing drugs or alcohol may be doing so as a means to self-medicate. While drugs may help relieve your mental illness symptoms short-term, long-term drug abuse can inevitably lead to drug dependency and addiction. 

  1. Fractures Relationships with Loved Ones

It can be difficult watching your child or loved one struggle with addiction. Unfortunately, addiction can cause a strain on an addict’s relationships with friends and family members. Not only will addicts tend to isolate themselves from loved ones, oftentimes as a means to hide their drug use, but many addicts typically become short-tempered and more irritable.

  1. Engaging in Riskier Behavior

Teens who abuse drugs are also more likely to engage in riskier, more self-destructive behavior. Examples include driving under the influence, engaging in unprotected sex, engaging in criminal activity, and more. Teens who abuse drugs are more likely to engage in riskier behavior because their mind on drugs will make them more vulnerable to engage and behave impulsively, and not consider the consequences behind their actions. 

Leading Teen Addiction Treatment Center

CTRLCare is a mental health treatment facility that helps teens and young adults struggling with teen drug abuse, mental health issues, and problematic technology use. It can be difficult watching your teen struggle with drug addiction. This is because drug abuse can negatively impact nearly all areas of a person’s life for the worse. From declining school attendance and performance to interfering with their physical and mental health and well-being, and more, addiction can destroy anyone’s life. However, it doesn’t have to– help is available at CTRLCare.

At CTRLCare, we are a teen drug and alcohol rehab that offers a range of treatment services to best support our patients. Our caring team of addiction specialists and mental health professionals are here to help your teen every step of the way on their recovery journey.
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