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The Pros and Cons of Medication Assisted Treatment in New Jersey

Cutting off all substances from the system can be extremely uncomfortable. To prevent severe withdrawal effects, medical detox facilities will often employ medication assisted treatment (MAT), an approach where drug users slowly taper down their use. They also take daily doses of prescribed medication to reduce cravings and lessen withdrawal symptoms.

CTRLCare Behavioral Health offers medication assisted treatment in New Jersey. We have adequate funding and a team of qualified providers who can deliver MAT while you continue working on your recovery. Our team is happy to continue your current medication management plan, or we can start a new one. 

Let’s learn more about MAT therapy, how it works and the pros and cons to expect.

How Does Medication Assisted Treatment Work? 

Several different types of medication are effective in treating drug or alcohol withdrawal. Buprenorphine, methadone or naltrexone treat opioid addiction. Acamprosate, disulfiram or naltrexone treat alcohol addiction. 

While most medications work in the same way, your treatment team will determine the best ones for your needs. All medications for MAT are FDA approved as well. Research shows that they help individuals manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and increase chances for a long lasting recovery. 

When receiving treatment at CTRLCare Behavioral Health, you can start or continue MAT therapy to control your symptoms and focus on healing. 

What are the Benefits of MAT in New Jersey? 

Medication Assisted Treatment in New Jersey is not meant to be a standalone treatment. It is most effective when combined with counseling and behavioral therapy. It is an effective treatment for opioid use disorders and alcohol use disorders, as it gradually decreases drugs or alcohol in the body. People who are unable to tolerate a cold-turkey detox can greatly benefit from MAT. 

The goal of the medications is to block the euphoric effects of drugs and alcohol, reduce physical and psychological cravings and normalize body chemistry. People typically do very well with med management in Princeton NJ, though most programs require maintenance for a minimum of 12 months. Here are the advantages to adding MAT to your treatment plan: 

  • Safer withdrawal period 
  • Relieve symptoms of withdrawal 
  • Control drug or alcohol cravings 
  • Increase retention in treatment programs 
  • Decrease illegal drug use 
  • Prevent relapse 

What are the Drawbacks of Medication Management in Princeton NJ? 

There are some disadvantages to MAT that you should be aware of. While the treatment overall is safe and effective, some people do not like the idea that you’re trading one drug for another. Additionally, some medications (methadone) can only be administered by a certified facility.

Overall, medication assisted treatment New Jersey is a safe and effective way to support your recovery. The key is to follow treatment guidelines, slowly taper off the medications and lead a life that is free from drugs and alcohol. If you are currently on MAT or looking to start this therapy while receiving treatment at our facility, contact our medication management team in New Jersey.

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