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Could Your Teen Benefit from Video Gaming Therapy in New Jersey? (Demo)

Video games have been around for over 50 years. They are meant to be fun and entertaining, but they can be addicting as well. The video game industry continues to release more complex, more realistic video games that capture the attention of gamers. As a result, more teens are feeling an increased compulsion to play them. 

Even though the American Psychiatric Association does not recognize video game addiction as a disorder, it is possible for gamers to develop compulsions that interfere with their daily lives. For instance, you may notice that your child’s grades are slipping or that they are spending more time gaming and less time in other activities. 

Let’s learn more about what a video game addiction looks like and how video gaming therapy in New Jersey can help. 

What is a Video Gaming Addiction? 

The video game industry markets a significant number of video games to teenagers, and many are able to play them without any issues. However, for some young people, these games can start a cycle of compulsive use. 

A video game addiction is often considered a form of computer addiction or internet addiction. It’s estimated that between 1 percent and 16 percent of video gamers meet the criteria for addiction. It’s important to consider not just the amount of time spent gaming, but also how your teen is handling it. 

Here are some signs that can help you identify a teenage addiction to video games in New Jersey: 

  • Thinks about gaming a lot 
  • Feels bad when they can’t play 
  • Needs to spend more time playing to feel good 
  • Unable to quit or play less often 
  • Having problems at work or school 
  • Using gaming to ease bad moods 
  • Lying to others about how often they play 

Many teens enjoy gaming, so just because your child is spending a lot of time gaming does not mean they are addicted. However, if you notice that your teen is allowing these games to affect their work, school and relationships, then it’s time to step in. 

Gaming Addiction Treatment in Princeton NJ 

Fortunately, there are ways to address a video game addiction. Getting the appropriate help is important, as some teens use video games as a way to escape depression or anxiety. 

One of the best ways to treat a gaming addiction is with behavioral therapy in New Jersey. This type of therapy can help your teen refocus their thoughts and energy on different activities. They may also need to make new friends and participate in new activities, as their current friends may all be gamers. 

Video gaming therapy in New Jersey can also educate families on how to create healthy boundaries. For example, parents should set limits for how often their kids play video games, as well as keep phones and gadgets out of bedrooms at night. They can also engage in healthy pastimes as a family to stay busy and prevent the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. 

Get Help for a Gaming Addiction Today 

If your teen has an unhealthy relationship with their video games, contact CTRLCare Behavioral Health. We offer treatment for video game addictions, as we believe they are often a sign of something deeper. By treating a gaming addiction, you can prevent this from interfering with your child’s life, as well as prevent future problems such as substance use. 

To learn more about video gaming therapy in Princeton NJ, contact our treatment team today. 

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