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CTRLCare behavioral health is a pioneer outpatient rehab in NJ with excellent clinicians, innovative recovery programs, and a low relapse rate. Our outpatient rehab programs are flexible, more affordable, and highly rewarding. It has helped numerous recovering addicts overcome their behavioral addictions and embrace a sober lifestyle.

Outpatient Vs. Inpatient Treatment For Addiction And Mental Health Disorders

Outpatient therapy is ideal for those in the early stages of addiction. Individuals struggling with a mild addiction disorder may opt for outpatient treatment as it offers the lowest level of care and support in recovery. It is more affordable and requires minimum commitment from recovering addicts.

On the other hand, residential treatment requires you to stay at one of the addiction recovery facilities for 30 – 90 days. While it offers the highest level of care and support, residential rehab is also more expensive than outpatient treatment.

Who Should Sign Up For Outpatient Therapy?

Individuals who cannot take time off from work for inpatient rehab treatment can benefit from outpatient therapy. Outpatient programs offer minimal care and often yield the best results for those in the early stages of addiction. Outpatient therapy is also much cheaper and more affordable to a large section of the working population. If you do not have insurance or the financial resources to pay for addiction treatment, signing up for outpatient treatment may be your best route to getting clean.

Besides, if you are the primary caregiver for young children or older adults and require professional help, outpatient rehab may be your best bet. These programs require you to participate in therapy for 1-2 hours a day, 4 – 6 days a week, allowing you to manage familial commitments alongside addiction treatment without any hassle. Speak to a treatment provider at one of the drug treatment centers near you to determine if you qualify for outpatient therapy.

Top Reasons To Choose Us For Outpatient Treatment?

We are the best drug and alcohol rehab with exclusive programs for adults, youth, families, and alumni clients. Unlike other rehab facilities, we use an integrated treatment approach that focuses on helping our clients attain holistic recovery. We’re perfect for you thanks to our:

  • Flexible treatment hours – We aim to help our clients attain sobriety stress-free and go to great lengths to help them manage therapy alongside their everyday responsibilities and work-related commitments. Our clinicians work around our clients’ schedules and ensure they receive the best care and support in recovery.
  • Customized therapies – We create tailored treatment plans for each patient after a detailed study of their addiction situation.
  • Focus on underlying health issues – Sobriety is effectively unnatainable until you have addressed your addiction’s underlying triggers. We use psychotherapy, group meeting programs, and individual counseling sessions to address and treat the root cause of addiction.

Call 609-237-0088 to sign up for one of our top alcohol and drug programs at CTRLCare behavioral health. Our outpatient rehab in NJ can equip you with critical coping skills for a sober and healthy life and prevent you from relapsing in the long term. We can make your recovery journey easy and more attainable. Get help for addiction from us and learn about the technology wellness programs we offer.

Outpatient Rehab Nj

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Outpatient Rehab Nj

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