IOP Treatment Orange County

Find out how IOP treatment in Orange County can help you achieve your recovery goals; get in touch with Newport Beach Recovery Center to inquire about our intensive outpatient program and learn how you can get involved in our protocol. If you’re ready to make a change for the better but worry that due to at-home obligations, you’ll be ineligible for treatment, rest easy knowing we have a program to meet every need and fit evey lifestyle. IOP is a convenient way to get help for an addiction without an overnight stay.

5 Reasons IOP Might Be Right For You

1. Have you been in touch with a drug rehab in Newport Beach that required you to commit to a 24/7 program to qualify for recovery services? You may have hung up the phone after your conversation feeling disappointed or hopeless; but hope is always within reach at Newport Beach Recovery Center. Contact admissions to find out more about our outpatient recovery program designed exclusively for clients like you.

2. You may have heard that your best chances at achieving lifelong recovery were through a residential program; however, that’s not necessarily true for everyone dealing with an addiction. For many, being unable to meet the strict admission requirements at residential drug and alcohol rehab centers simply means they need an alternative treatment option. We’ve created an IOP that fills the gap left by programs offered by an inpatient rehab.

3. Addiction treatment comes in many shapes and sizes. Our admissions can assess your recovery needs and create a custom program uniquely for you. If that means attending meetings after work, before school classes, or at a time that fits into your schedule, our IOP specialists can make it happen. Let us know what kinds of obstacles have kept you from qualifying for rehab in the past when you contact us at 866-541-6560.

4. Have you relapsed after completing treatment in a residential rehab in Orange County? That’s common, but it shouldn’t keep you from starting over. Going through detox more than one time can be challenging, but in the end, it’s well worth the effort. You may not have to detox if your relapse was short-term. Find out more about IOP treatment in Orange County when you reach out to our addiction experts for more information.

5. For some addicts, the thought of checking into long-term recovery is too much to handle. An IOP can be helpful in situations like these because it can make recovery feel more familiar. Some use IOP as a stepping stone while others stay in intensive outpatient treatment for years- do what’s right for you when you need to heal from an addiction.

Is IOP right for you? Don’t take anyone else’s word for it- make up your own mind after researching and reading about our programs at Newport Beach Recovery Center. We’re here to provide help and insight when yo’re comparing programs and treatment options. Call NBRC now at 866-541-6560 to get the help you need to overcome addiction.

IOP Treatment Orange County