Eating Disorder Treatment New Jersey

No matter how long you’ve been living with an eating disorder or how severe your condition, real help is available from CTRLCare Behavioral Health when you contact us at 609-237-0088. You may have thought it was too late to seek treatment for an eating disorder; however, the fact is, your condition is highly treatable with motivation on your part and a quality program to help you succeed. A bright future awaits you when you commit to living a healthier lifestyle and leaving negative patterns in the past.

3 Compelling Reasons To Choose CTRLCare For Eating Disorder Treatment In New Jersey

1. The fear of what family members and friends will think typically keeps people with an eating disorder from seeking treatment. You may be encouraged to learn that you don’t have to check into an eating disorder treatment center in New Jersey to get the help you need to overcome your mental health issue. CTRLCare offers discreet Telehealth services that will enable you to go through our program without the need to drive to a rehab or meet face-to-face with therapists.

Telehealth services are also a terrific way to maintain a safe social distance during Covid. Take a closer look at all of our programs when you explore therapy for an eating disorder at CTRLCare online.

2. A severe eating disorder that’s lasted for years may require a bigger commitment on your part to identify the root cause of your situation. We offer inpatient recovery services at our eating disorder and recovery center- a safe place for you to begin the healing process while learning how to take better care of yourself.

Anorexia treatment at CTRLCare may include nutritional therapy, CBT & DBT, expressive arts therapy, music & play therapy, trauma therapy, and other modalities.

3. An eating disorder can impact every area of your life, down to the smallest detail. Patients who have completed the program offered at our compulsive overeating recovery center report significant improvements in the following areas:

  • Nutrition
  • Academic
  • Relationships
  • Sleep
  • Work
  • Fitness

The CTRLCare Eating Disorder Program is designed to help you develop a new sense of self, reduce symptoms, and increase confidence as you reach for a bright new future. Along with Telehealth services and inpatient eating disorder treatment in New Jersey, we proudly offer IOP, outpatient services, counseling, case management, and family therapy.

Holistic Eating Disorder Treatment For The Whole Person

We don’t treat mental health disorders- we treat the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. Our experienced therapists and staff use a combination of evidence-based protocols as well as alternative treatments, all in a safe, therapeutic atmosphere where healing can take place.

Baby steps in the right direction will help you break down your goals and complete each phase of recovery at CTRLCare. If you’re willing to take the small steps we advise, you’ll see major improvements over time while you make positive changes in your life. Reaching the ultimate goal of a life of balance and complete wellness begins with a phone call to our team at CTRLCare; connect with us by phone at 609-237-0088.

Eating Disorder Treatment New Jersey

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Eating Disorder Treatment New Jersey

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