Drug Rehab New Jersey

You want to join a drug rehab in New Jersey with the best medical team for lasting success with sobriety. CTRLCare behavioral health makes it a point to hire some of the finest talents in NJ to ensure unsurpassed care and support to clients as they strive towards sobriety. Here is our team of addiction treatment providers:

  • Case Manager

A rehabilitation case manager helps plan, organize, coordinate, and evaluate the services and resources required by the patient in rehab. While case managers don’t provide direct patient care, they work as a part of the rehabilitation team and ensure that the client receives the best quality care in recovery. They also liaise with the patient’s insurer and help clients receive cost-effective healthcare services. As one of the top addiction recovery facilities, we assign a case manager to each case to ensure personalized treatment and care for our clients.

  • Clinician

As one of the top drug treatment centers, we have the best physicians on board. Our physicians perform the following duties :

  1. They diagnose each client’s addiction disorder by reviewing their history and conducting a detailed physical examination and mental health investigation.
  2. Doctors create customized recovery plans for each patient based on the physical and mental health exam results.
  3. Our physicians prescribe medications, teach exercises, and communicate with patients and their caregivers.
  4. Administer medical detox treatment and safeguard them from experiencing adverse withdrawal symptoms using medications.
  5. Monitor their progress in recovery with regular check-ups and evaluations.
  • Creative Arts Therapist

Creative arts therapists are psychotherapists who are experts at offering dance/movement therapy, drama therapy, music therapy, poetry therapy, art therapy, etc. Our creative arts therapists guide patients towards sobriety using art and artistic programs. These professionals teach various techniques to cope with the symptoms of stress, illness, and trauma. Our use of creative therapies helps enhance cognitive abilities, improves self-esteem and self-awareness, and helps recovering addicts develop communication skills.

Furthermore, they use assessment instruments, counseling, and psychotherapy to evaluate and treat any dysfunctions that patients may be facing. 

  • Psychiatrist

We have highly qualified and experienced psychiatrists to help our clients overcome dual diagnosis. Our psychiatrists spend 1-on-1 time with our recovering addicts, tackle their deep-rooted fears and unresolved emotions and help them achieve improved mental wellness and emotional stability.

  • Support Staff

Listed as the best drug and alcohol rehab, we have a dedicated non-clinical and support staff team. Our support staff takes care of admissions, orientation, scheduling appointments, etc., aiding in the treatment’s success.

  • Nurse Practitioners

We are a highly sought-after rehab for our top alcohol and drug programs and our compassionate RNs. Our RNs play a critical role in the recovery journey of our clients and guide them towards sobriety one day at a time.

  • Nutritionists

Our nutritionists create personalized meal plans for each patient in recovery and help them lead a physically fit life.

Contact 609-237-0088 to join the best drug rehab in New Jersey. CTRLCare behavioral health is a premier rehab for substance abuse and alcoholism with dedicated clinical staff and excellent treatments for dual diagnosis. The sooner you begin to get help for addiction, the better the chances of getting sober and maintaining long-term.

Drug Rehab New Jersey

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Drug Rehab New Jersey

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