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Technology is a crucial part of our lives, with some people even addicted to their devices. Internet addiction can cause numerous issues in your life, from depression to anxiety to relationship problems and so much more. At our mental health wellness and recovery center, we help you break free from your bad internet behavior and start enjoying life to its fullest again, as we have done with thousands of other technology addicts in Princeton, NJ.

Why Choose Our Technology Addiction Recovery Center

We Are Professionals with Experience In Technology-Addiction

Internet addiction causes addicts to crave internet usage. Often they use it to escape from their problems, resulting in increased stress, mood swings, and more time spent online. This can lead to less time with friends and family, lower grades at school, or work performance issues.

There is no approved treatment for technology addiction, and not every Internet & digital addiction recovery center can help. You should choose a program that addresses issues unique to technology addiction, such as depression and anxiety from self-imposed isolation.

We serve those who struggle with chronic and uncontrollable internet use. We monitor patients for signs of problematic behaviors and customize treatment plans for each person.

A Qualified Psychiatric and Psychological Team

Most people don’t realize that being diagnosed with a behavioral health condition like a technology addiction usually requires over one visit to be diagnosed. The first session is for knowing each other and reviewing your background information. From there, we can determine if you are suffering from a behavioral health condition. We offer qualified care by board-certified psychiatrists who practice according to our state’s medical licensing rules and carry malpractice insurance.

Nutrition and Physical Fitness Regimens

The lack of exercise caused by technology addiction often results in serious health problems. Therapy can indeed heal the mind, but it cannot heal the body independently. It’s essential to find a program that includes a sound nutritional program and exercise program that will support health and well-being- and improve the quality of your life.

To help combat those adverse effects and promote healthy behaviors, we provide a complete physical health regimen to complement your therapy. We want to help our clients feel strong physically as well as mentally.

Behavioral Therapy

Having trouble learning new coping mechanisms is one reason for relapse when trying to quit an addiction. Technology-dependent individuals can safely manage cravings, avoid triggers, and deal with stressful situations with the help of cognitive-behavioral therapy.

 With a program that offers behavioral therapy, we can help you deal with everyday stress. We ensure that when internet addicts use or think about using again, they don’t act on their impulses.

Aftercare Service

We offer continued care even after our clients leave. Although recovering from a technology addiction can be a long, complicated process, we want to make sure that we’re here for you no matter what happens. We keep in close contact with clients long after they’ve left treatment, encouraging them to stay connected with us and each other through chat groups and meetings.

It’s time to get help if you think internet usage negatively affects your life. Visit our website for information on how we can help! We can also help you through telehealth services and case management. We also offer family therapy to help clients recover with their support.

CTRLCare behavioral health is a leading mental health facility in Princeton, NJ. Please call us today at 609-237-0088 for inquiries.

Addiction Recovery Treatment Princeton NJ

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Addiction Recovery Treatment Princeton NJ

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